Songwriting Tips: Rhyme

What rhymes with love?

Most people would quickly respond – dove, above.
Unfortunately, both are overused, and if neither works, you’re out of luck.

The Problems to Finding “Fresh” Rhymes

Some words just don’t have a lot of rhymes.
Most of us don’t have a lot of rhymes memorized.
The first rhymes that comes to mind will usually be the most overused and unoriginal.

Tip 1: Use

Back in the stone age, songwriters carried a paper book they call a “Rhyming Dictionary.” They’d have to manually search for rhymes by flipping through pages with their fingers. How barbaric! Now you can instantly have every single rhyme instantly!

Let’s search “love”:

Holy Smokes! 89 Rhymes!

Not only does rhyme zone give you the 1 syllable rhymes, but it offers multiple syllable rhymes and phrases:
Unfortunately, most of the 89 search results are just phrases that end with “of.” I feel like RhymeZone is cheating me a bit. And I still haven’t found the perfect rhyme.

Tip 2: Don’t rhyme – Use Near Rhymes.

My 2 favorite search option in are:
find near rhymes
find similar sounding words

Basically, this will give you a whole list of other words that aren’t exact rhymes, but nevertheless, work! There’s no need to feel like a cheater. Near rhymes are common practice in pop music.
[near rhymes]

That gives me a handful of other potential “rhymes.” Run, sun, rough, one, -This is all good stuff! But if you still haven’t found the right word, here’s one more songwriting tip.

Tip: 3 Find Near rhymes of Near rhymes.

If you still haven’t found the right word, take one of the near rhyme search results and put it into the search bar.

So not all of them will convincingly match with “love,” like “hogg.” But still, there’s some great rhyme ideas here.

Tip 4: Make a list of your favorite “rhymes.”

By this point, I have a ton of options for words that *cough* rhyme *cough* with love. So they aren’t exactly rhymes, but hearing the same rhymes over and over gets boring anyway. Keep a list of your new fresh “rhymes” that you might want to use in the future.
love: tough, hush, luck, lush, does, get rid of, out of, tug, think of, . . .